How to contribute

The best way to get involved with Method5 is through the GitHub repository. Create an issue if you find bugs or have an idea for a new feature.

Or fork the code, make changes, and create a pull request.

Or you can email me at

Tips for developing

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to customize or extend Method5:

  1. Skill level You’ll probably need to be an expert in Oracle SQL and PL/SQL to modify the source code.
  2. Oracle software You can use any currently-supported version or edition of Oracle.
  3. Lexer A few of the language classification and transformation steps are provided by a separate project, PLSQL_LEXER. It is a proper lexer meant to be 100% accurate, not the hastily assembled regular expressions that most people use. This makes up most of the code base but you can probably ignore it.
  4. Oracle Data Cartridge The ability to return a dynamic list of columns is based on the Method4 project, which is based on this article by Adrian Billington. It uses Oracle Data Cartridge, which is one of the most cryptic and difficult Oracle technologies. You should probably try to avoid that code if possible.
  5. Unit Tests The project uses a lot of automated testing. If you want to contribute code, make sure the existing unit tests pass and that you create tests for your code.